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The Seasons of Life

~My Grandma Maxine and I use to talk about everything! She always had time to listen and then would respond with words that I think about whenever I need a reminder! I remember saying I wanted to live on the beach where it was warm. She said, "yes, but the change of the seasons is beautiful, and I wouldn't want to live where couldn't see those changes."

~Her words are a simple reminder to me, not only about the four seasons but seasons of life, that are so important.

~Winter gets long sometimes, and then all of a sudden, the birds are singing, and the trees burst into bloom! All of suddenly little piece of earth is God's pallet of color!

~There is always beauty, sometimes we just need to see it. I wish for everyone to look around and know that whatever season of life you are in, you can see the beauty of it, and if it has been a long hard season, to have faith, and know that another season is coming soon!

~I thought about Grandma today as my trees surrounded me in colorful blooms, and a red bird sang and danced in the sky.

Thank you Grandma for the constant reminders

~All photos taken around my beautiful country home

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